Shaping the World by David M Giltner

Coming in the fall of 2023.

Shaping the World is the next book from scientist and educator David M. Giltner, founder of TurningScience and author of It's a Game, not a Formula and Turning Science into Things People Need.

A significant majority of scientists build their careers in the private sector. Unfortunately, the scientific community has traditionally not given much attention or respect to the immensely valuable research and development done in the private sector. Most scientists are trained to see academic research as the one true career path for a scientist, despite the undisputed statistics showing most will build their careers in an industrial setting. 

The stories in this book paint a very different picture of the exciting and rewarding career paths open to scientists in the private sector. By interviewing dozens of scientists in a wide variety of careers around the world, the author shows it is it is indeed a great privilege to ‘turn science into things people need.’

Shaping the World by David M Giltner

Coming in fall 2023!

Inside you will find extended interviews with these scientists and many more:

Physicist and biotech startup founder Marinna Madrid

Entrepreneur, author, and technology initiative executive Peter Fiske

Professor, venture fund partner, and founder of The Photon Factory Cather Simpson

Laser scientist, author, and legislative affairs specialist Christina C. C. Willis

Biologist and science communication coach Oliver Wueseke

Neuroscientist, project manager, and career networking mentor Seher Abbas